APEX symbolizes the turning point in the complex curve when the ideal line through a bend is achieved to maximize the speed of a racing car.
These ideal lines and their meeting points together define the APEX chair. The sharp expression of the seat offers a distinct but soft feeling, while the supporting frame limits and defines its contours in a bold and embracing manner. The well-defined transition between the seat and frame gives a feeling of weightlessness.
Product Images
Apex 05-46
Apex 05-46
Apex 11-46
Apex 08-Wood Black Stained Oak
Apex 08-Wood Black Stained Oak
Apex 08-Wood Oak
Apex 08-Wood White Stained Oak
Interior Images
Product Sheet

Here you can download the product sheet for Apex, with information about different product details.

Seat height
Total Height
Total Width
Total depth
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Johan Lindstén

Johan Lindstén’s furniture is characterised by well-thought out design and unexpected details.
Johanson works with some of the world’s most distinguished fabric suppliers and is thus able to offer over 500 fabrics. The many details in our furniture mean it can be made utterly unique by using different types of material – different woods, plastic, felt or metal. All bases and metal parts come in over 200 different RAL colours, and also in a chrome, satin, black or white finish.
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