Focus has been on emphasizing the back of their chair, Frankie, and the straps of the braces on the back give this piece of furniture an almost human identity.
Frankie has been created for offices and commercial environments. This stackable chair has an upholstered seat and sprung back that provides a high level of comfort and make it ideal for meetings and conferences.
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Frankie 08
Frankie 08
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Frankie 09
Frankie EC
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Product Sheet

Here you can download the product sheet for Frankie, with information about different product details.

Möbelfakta certificate

Möbelfakta mirrors external requirements with a complete and updated reference and labeling, which thus becomes a synonym for professionalism and quality all the way to the final stage of the end user. The system is based on three areas of requirements; - Environment - Quality - Social responsibility

SP Test result

SP Certification is one of the leading bodies in the field of certification in Sweden, with long experience of the work. They issue certificates of compliance with a large number of standards.

Fire certificate

Fire Certificates for the current fire rating of accredited institution.

Linking Device
Stacking Trolley
Seat Height
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Färg & Blanche

Stockholm based design studio Färg & Blanche is known for their experimental stance, where each expression informs the other.

Johanson samarbetar med några av de mest ansedda textilleverantörerna i världen och kan därför erbjuda över 500 tyger. Möblernas många detaljer kan göras helt unika genom att använda olika typer av material så som träslag, plast, filt eller metall. Alla stativ och metalldelar kan fås i över 200 olika RAL-färger (Multicolour), samt krom och satin.
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