Discus top

Discus top
Table tops available in several laminates and veneers.
Can be combined with different bases. Other laminate or veneer on request.
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Here you can download the product sheet for Discus, with information about different product details.

Möbelfakta Certificate

Möbelfakta mirrors external requirements with a complete and updated reference and labeling, which thus becomes a synonym for professionalism and quality all the way to the final stage of the end user. The system is based on three areas of requirements; - Environment - Quality - Social responsibility

SP Test Result

SP Certification is one of the leading bodies in the field of certification in Sweden, with long experience of the work. They issue certificates of compliance with a large number of standards.

Ø50 / Ø60 / Ø75 / Ø90 / Ø100 / Ø110 / Ø120 / Ø130 / Ø150 / Ø180
60x70 / 70x70 / 120x70 / 140x70 / 180x70 / 180x90
Conferrence / Meeting
240x110 / 300x110 / 360x110 / 420x110
Johanson works with some of the world’s most distinguished fabric suppliers and is thus able to offer over 500 fabrics. The many details in our furniture mean it can be made utterly unique by using different types of material – different woods, plastic, felt or metal. All bases and metal parts come in over 200 different RAL colours, and also in a chrome, satin, black or white finish.
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