Quality and the environment

Quality and the environment
The company is ISO14001 certified, while the products carry the Nordic Ecolabel and fulfil the Möbelfakta furniture quality criteria. The fact that all the manufacturing is carried out in Markaryd in Sweden guarantees quality, cuts lead times and minimises transport. We comply with the highest of EU standards for testing and strength in public environments. The sound absorbers are tested in our own sound lab in accordance with EU standards and all products are tested for durability by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.
  • Environmental Policy

    We will contribute to a sustainable society by continuous improvement of our company's environmental impact. 

    • We will encourage the use of eco-friendly materials, manufacturing methods and ways of distribution, internally as well as by our subcontractors.
    • We will encourage improved overall recovery and recycling of surplus materials, waste and discarded products.
    • We will improve the environmental knowledge and awareness of our organisation. These skills will be used to further develop our performance.
    • We will comply with applicable environmental legislation, aiming at also exceeding these requirements.
    • We will prevent pollution of soil, water and the atmosphere.
    • We will implement procedures that meet or exceeds the requirements of the environmental management system standard ISO 14001.
    • We will use this policy to remind customers, employees, suppliers and the general public of our long-term environmental strategies.
  • ISO 14001
    Johanson has an environmental management system that fulfils the requirements of SS-EN ISO 14001:2015 with respect to design, production and sales of furniture.