Welcome to the world of fabrics and other exciting materials. We work with fabrics from the worlds top suppliers. We have chairs produced in felt (recycled PET bottles), PUR rubber and various wood materials.

Felt material

Pressed polyester felt, from recycled PET bottles.

Light grey felt

Dark grey felt

Black felt


Pelican – the first EU Ecolabelled chair in Sweden. Origin of recycled plastic comes from food industry. Contains recycled PP (Polypropylene). 

The following colors for Pelican seats are standard. In addition to these we can offer the seat shells in all other RAL colors please contactcontact customer support.

Black RAL 9005, NCS S 9000-N

White RAL 9010, NCS S 0502-Y

Green RAL 6013, NCS S 5020-G70Y

Light Grey RAL 7004, NCS S 4000-N

Dark Grey RAL 7012, NCS S 7000-N

Beige RAL 1019, NCS S 4010-Y30R

Pink RAL 3012, NCS S 3030-Y60R

Wine Red RAL 3005, NCS S 6030-R

Red RAL 3016, NCS S 3060-Y80R

Blue RAL 5001, NCS S 6030-B

Yellow RAL 1005, NCS S 2070-Y10R


PP-reinforced PUR is designed to make the chair durable against the weather and hard wear.




Wood & Laminate

We can also provide special laminate, veneer and stain.

White lacquer

Black lacquer

Oak Veneer

Birch Veneer

Walnut veneer

White stained oak veneer

Black stained oak veneer

Oak venner in any Ral colour

Woven fabric

Woven fabric for Haddoc sofa and easy chairs backside. 

Beige woven fabric

Brown woven fabric

Grey woven fabric

Black woven fabric


Johanson collaborates with some of the most prestigious fabric suppliers in the world and can therefore offer more than 500 fabrics. Of course, you can suggest your own favorite fabric also.

Designers Guild
Romo Group
United Leather