Table top

Table tops can look completely different depending on the shape and color. Johanson provides several wood and laminate, and in our standard range we offer two different edge profiles. We can produce unique shapes and colors that suits your project. 

Tabletops Wood & Laminat

We can also provide special laminate, veneer and stain.

Black Laminat F2253

White Laminat F1040

Light gray Laminat F7927

Birch Laminat F7921

Oak Laminat F5374

Walnut Laminat F5150

Wenge Laminat F1614

Ash laminate F8843

Breccia Paradiso F3457

Elemental Corten F8832

Travertine Silver F3458

Jet Sequoia AR Plus F3476

Birch Veneer

Oak Veneer

Black stained oak veneer

White stained oak veneer

Ash veneer

White stained ash veneer

White stained ash veneer

Edge profiles