Privacy policy

At Johanson we always protect our customers' privacy. We would like to inform you about some 
improvements to the laws regarding the handling of personal data.

On May 25, 2018, the new Data Protection Ordinance (GDPR) replaces the Personal Information Act
(PUL). The purpose of PUL has been to protect people from violating their personal integrity in the
processing of personal data. With GDPR, the rights of the individual are strengthened, and we see it
as very positive.
When the new legislation enters into force, our Integrity Policy is updated and improved. Johanson
also updates some of the company's routines. We would like to inform you as our current or previous
customer about what kind of information is stored in our systems. You do not have to do anything if
you are satisfied with our work today.
Your personal information such as company name, organization / personal number, name of contact
person, address, e-mail address and telephone number are securely stored in our business system.
We store the data according to legal requirements or a maximum of 5 years after the last order. The
aim is to be able to complete future orders and requests in a smooth and efficient manner.
Because you are included in our business system, your contact information is included in the mailing
list. The information is sent to the specified e-mail addresses. Each newsletter also contains
information on how to easily unsubscribe from future mailings.
More information about our procedures for collecting information and handling personal data can be
found on Johanson's website: Want to know more about what information
we've saved about your business and you? Then contact our Data Protection Officer, Ulf Persson, at
the e-mail address
You can also request that we delete your personal information by clicking the link below. We will
carry out the cleaning as soon as possible according to current legislation.
If you choose not to unsubscribe or request your personal information deleted from our systems, you
agree that the GDPR information has reached you and accepts the continued storage of your
personal information. You also agree to continue sending the newsletters.
We look forward to a continued good cooperation!