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Atticus is a timeless collection based on respect for form, craftsmanship, comfort, and elegance.

The series is suitable for use in both small and larger settings, and the chairs blend in well in a wide variety of environments. With its numerous variations on a basic theme, Atticus is a flexible, all-round solution – not only for individual offices and conference rooms, but also for cafés and domestic living rooms.


Atticus-with arms

E&B Studio

Interior: Cirkulär Interiör

Photo: Samuel Ekman



Malmö FF

Products: Atticus, Atticus BS, Stay, Plain
Interior: RumRum


Carlsen Publisher Campus

In an industrial building complex in Hamburg’s Altona district, new offices were completed in May 2021 for the Carlsen children’s and young adult book publisher. The new space is part of the future publisher campus currently in development on the plot at Völckersstraße 20, adding a further, larger site right next to the company’s publishing house at that location.

Erin Ruby

Based in New York City, Erin Ruby is an American designer of interiors and products, known for her holistic approach to design.

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