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Frankie BS

“We had the idea for the bar stool when we were examining how we could develop the Frankie chair. We picked out aesthetic elements from the back along with details such as the jointing of the tubing. 

The resulting shape is like two straps holding and pressing the seat in place forming two clear folds in the seat and creating a soft look. The seat also has the same characteristic curved shape as the back of the Frankie chair with edges that fold inwards on each side,” says Fredrik Färg


Frankie BS

Danone Headquarter

The non-territorial workplaces are spread around the communication units in the middle of the L -shaped wings of the floor plan. Along the facades the open spaces are partly interrupted by alcoves lounges and collaboration areas. There are additional rooms in the reception and conference floor for large meetings and conferences, workshops and customer meetings.

Färg & Blanche

Stockholm based design studio Färg & Blanche is known for their experimental stance, where each expression informs the other.

Product family