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Plateau is a product family that comprises sofas, armchairs, ‘seating islands’ and tables.

The individual pieces work well on their own but can also be combined in groups to create a more dynamic overall impression. The style is uncluttered and uncomplicated. 


Armchair armrest Left
Armchair armrest Right
1-seater armrest Left
1-seater armrest Right
1-seater table Left
1-seater table Right
2-seater armrest Left
2-seater armrest Right
2-seater table Left
2-seater table Right
3-seater armrest Left
3-seater armrest Right
3-seater table Left
3-seater table Right
Big Island Left
Big Island Right

Böttcher & Kayser

Böttcher & Kayser is a Berlin-based studio founded in 2007, working in the fields of consumer product, furniture, lighting and interior design.

Product family