Sustainability Philosophy

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All life on Earth is interconnected. Every living organism – without exception – forms a link in a universal chain, an ecological system that has evolved over millennia. We human beings are also part of that chain, dependent for our existence on the oceans, the air and the forests in the same way as every other living thing on the planet.

During the course of the past two centuries rapid technological developments and improved economic conditions have meant that more and more people are now living longer lives. However, over the past 70 years increased demand for resources such as timber, food, water and fuel, which are required to sustain this expanding global population, has put global ecosystems under greater stress than ever before. If we are to continue to enjoy verdant forests, clear lakes and fresh air, with fish in the seas and flowers in the meadows, the planet’s natural capital must be conserved. That is why, at Johanson Design, we do everything we can to conduct our business activities responsibly in order to safeguard the future health of the planet.

At Johanson Design we are convinced that in-house production is the key to acting sustainably and ensuring high quality. This has been a cornerstone of our corporate philosophy since we began operations in 1953, and it is our firm conviction that it is also the right approach for the future. Today, our commitment to be at the cutting edge in terms of design and new products is matched by an equally firm commitment to be climate smart and to regularly review our overall environment impact. We want our customers to see us as the number one ‘go-to’ supplier for sustainable furnishings, so we are continuously investing in tomorrow’s sustainable solutions. Against that background, our motivation for retaining all production in-house in order to maintain full control over every stage in the manufacturing process becomes obvious. From building the frames, assembly and metalworking to fabric cutting, sewing and upholstering, we can ensure quality while also confirming our adherence to the strict sustainability criteria that we have set for ourselves. Craftsmanship and expertise are key characteristics for Johanson Design, and we take pride in declaring that, through in-house manufacturing operations in Markaryd, Sweden, and Kaunas, Lithuania, we own our entire production chain.

From the very earliest days of Johanson Design, timeless modern design and clean Scandinavian lines have been the hallmarks of our range and will continue to form the foundation for everything we produce. Our furnishings are always manufactured under fair working conditions, in safe work environments, using locally sourced materials.

We endeavour always to produce furniture that meets all the requirements for a long life. We also seek to enable customers to renovate our furnishings for continued use or reuse. This provides opportunities for a more sustainable consumption of our furniture that generation after generation of users can appreciate.

All manufacturing that currently takes place in Johanson Design’s plants is certified in accordance with the internationally recognised environment management system ISO 14001. We also seek Swedish Möbelfakta approval for all our furniture, a comprehensive quality and environmental labelling system that certifies technical quality, environmental impact and social responsibility. Together these certifications set key parameters for sustainability work at Johanson Design and are an important benchmark for measuring our success in achieving the sustainability goals we have set.

We are aware, of course, that Johanson Design still falls short of perfection, but we are constantly seeking innovative solutions to reduce our environmental impact. That is why our raw materials and finished products are transported optimally using vehicles with modern exhaust gas treatment systems and, where possible, by rail and by boat. We have also developed a framework to ensure that new and potential suppliers work to minimise their own environmental impact. We use at least 20 % recycled steel, only FSC-certified wood and birch, beech and oak laminates are used in our furnishings, our fabrics are EU Ecolabelled and Oeko-Tex approved, our padding and frames are freon-free, and filling waste is reused in other parts of the production. At the beginning of 2020 we took great pride in launching the first EU Ecolabelled chair made from recycled plastic.

To summarise, Johanson Design is committed to playing its part in contributing to the long-term sustainable use of the planet’s resources by continuously upgrading the company’s environmental processes. We work to ensure that both we and our suppliers use eco-friendly raw materials, manufacturing methods and distribution alternatives. We also work to improve the recycling and reuse of scrap, production waste and post-consumer waste. By providing the potential for reuse and renovation we can guarantee the lifelong value of our products. We believe that the implementation of these different measures demonstrates our commitment to environmental responsibility and helps to contribute to a better tomorrow for generations yet to come.