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  • Covid-19: We manufacture protective clothing for Swedish healthcare

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Some time ago, we were asked if it was possible for us to produce simple and safe protective clothing for Swedish healthcare. Of course, we took the task seriously and a few days later we have started manufacturing these products. Our goal is to produce about 3000 a day, which will quickly help to relieve the pressure on Swedish emergency care. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to contribute. Covid-19 is everyone’s responsibility. Together we can do this.
Now you can easily configure our products in Pcon, just go into the product you are interested in, and click Configure. See the different options available, and visualize your ideas.

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The Bail series has been extended with two corner modules, 45° and 90°, making the sofa series even more flexible and varied. The series also includes tables and plant receptacles. With these objects, you can further enhance the feeling of creating a room in the room and enable a complete furnishing that can be customized and color coordinated as needed.
PELICAN-the first EU Ecolabelled chair in Sweden. PELICAN is the answer to many customers’ wishes. This new chair will challenge attitudes to the choice of materials at a time when sustainability and environmental issues are high on the agenda.
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News 2020
Download our News brochure for 2020, with several new products. For example new products designed by Johan Lindstén, Böttcher & Kayser and Färg & Blanche.