The perfect tool for managing everything from simple floor plans to the most complex 3D renderings, Thanks to pCon, producing customised solutions for your project has never been simpler. Powerful OFML data facilitates the entire configuration process from dimensions to price.

  • Configure your product in our 3D tool

    Now you can easily configure our products in Pcon, just go into the product you are interested in, and click Configure. See the different options available, and visualize your ideas.

  • The perfect sales tool
    • Visualization of your unique selection of products
    • High-resolution image rendering
    • Free for you as a user
    • Work with the leading CAD formats (DWG, SKP, 3DS, DXF, etc.)
    • Give your creativity a boost


    Read here about installing and activating pCon planner

  • pCon planner

    pCon.planner – the spatial planning tool for portable and stationary computers

    Intuitive and easy to use, this is the most commonly used system for room planning and furnishing plans among store sales staff, planners, architects and interior designers. Products can be shown in 3D on floor plans and in room settings. Data can be exported simply to all standard CAD formats (DWG, SKP, 3DS, DXF, etc.) as well as in the form of images, videos or panorama views for presentations.

    Download Pcon planner here


  • pCon box

    pCon.box – the mobile furnishing configuration tool for smartphones and tablets

    Specially developed for an enhanced customer experience at the point of sale. Easy to use and produces a highly professional impression. Experiment with furnishing configurations in 3D and use augmented reality to place solutions in the customer’s home. The app designs, plans and calculates entire spaces in real time, as products, prices and configurations are all already integrated into the tool. Configurations can also be exported and shared as data or as a PDF, videos or images via download, email, WhatsApp or text.

    Download Pcon Box here

  • pCon facts

    Pcon facts –  Real-time visualization

    With pCon.facts, you have a mobile face-to-face consulting tool that provides manufacturers with a self-determined channel for providing their sales network with access to all product information. Whether pricing, product features and certificates, high-quality images, brochures or assembly instructions, etc. – with the mobile app, the user has multimedia content available immediately. This includes 3D, real-time visualization, which allows you to zoom in on product details.

    Link to App

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    Desired producers

    After you have registered, you will have access to all available producers. Choose one and move on.


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