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Sustainability Philosophy

All life on Earth is interconnected. Every living organism – without exception – forms a link in a universal chain, an ecological system that has evolved over millennia. We human beings are also part of that chain, dependent for our existence on the oceans, the air and the forests in the same way as every other living thing on the planet.

Environmental Policy

Here at Johanson Design we see sustainability as one of our most important challenges.

That’s why we feel it is natural for our environmental work to serve as a model for other businesses and for Johanson Design to be a leader in the circular economy.

We are also certified according to ISO 14001 and are working continuously to improve our environmental performance.


Product Labeling

Every piece of furniture leaving Johanson's factory comes with a unique QR labeling, assisting you as a customer in accessing relevant information about your product directly on your phone.


All of Johanson's products are produced in a well-thought-out way.  Already on the sketch table, we see the possibilities of recycling and renovation as an important factor in future production. Today, more than 90% of our range can be recycled efficiently.


Möbelfakta mirrors external requirements with a complete and up-to-date reference and labelling system that is synonymous with professionalism and quality through every stage of the process all the way to the end user. The system is based on three areas of requirements:

- Quality
- Environment
- Responsible supply chains with regard to social, environmental and ethical responsibility

Products that meet the relevant criteria are indicated by a Möbelfakta logotype under each product. More products will be approved during the year.


EU Ecolabel

EU Ecolabel, also known as the EU Flower, is the European counterpart to the Nordic Swan label and one of the world’s top ecolabels. It is an ISO Type 1 certification, which means that it is independent, adopts a life-cycle perspective and embraces a holistic approach to the evolution of certification criteria. (See also:

Pelican is the first chair in Sweden to be awarded the EU Ecolabel.

ISO 14001

Johanson has an environmental management system that fulfils the requirements of SS-EN ISO 14001:2015 with respect to design, production and sales of furniture.

Johanson Sustainability

To obtain the most positive result, we always endeavour to take a broad view of things here at Johanson. That means, for example, focusing on the entire life cycle of the furnishings we produce, and minimising our impact on the environment by identifying the areas where we can make the greatest difference.