Inspiration for sofas

    Inviting sofas for public environments, that allows people to recline in comfort. A modular system offering unlimited opportunities to change shape and function. Several different seat heights, back heights and widths are available.


    Inspiration for chairs
    Their timeless design sees these stools in all possible environments, such as schools, churches, hotels and bars. With different combinations of colours and materials can they turn from a classic chair into a colourful design statement.
    Inspiration for lounge chairs
    Inviting lounge chairs with maximal comfort and with clear graphic silhouettes, suited for public environments. Ability to combine a wealth of different colours and patterns to set your own unique stamp on a space. The lounge chairs are meant to invite to an opportunity for a relaxing break or a meeting in an informal atmosphere. 
    Perfect for break areas in offices, lounges, coffee rooms and cafés.
    Inspiration for tables
    Interesting construction and innovative details make it highly versatile, the tables can be used in a all types of environments. In addition to our broad standard range, we can offer tops and bases in different sizes and materials, while retaining the stability of the table.
    Inspiration for barstools
    A confidently designed, architectural and extremely functional bar stool. Timeless design that suits the majority of settings.


    Inspiration Poufs

    The poufs are perfect for lounge environments, waiting rooms or workspaces that require flexible furnishing. 

    Inspiration for sound absorbers/design panels
    Sound absorbers help you to create a functioning and aesthetically pleasing work environment. They lower stress levels, and increase well-being, productivity and efficiency by minimising disruptive noise, thereby creating scope for innovation and creativity.