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QR Label

Johanson has taken into account the increased requirements from Möbelfakta and other agreements specifying the need for labeling on our products. In addition to meeting these requirements, we have chosen to include additional information to enhance the value for our customers. We believe that QR labeling is an invaluable resource for our customers, especially when purchasing spare parts and accessing details regarding fabric selection, Ral color, and product finish. We see this as a step towards increased transparency and as a way to improve communication about our products.


Label Details:

  • Date – Manufacturing date
  • Order number – Which order the product belongs to.
  • Line number - Which line in the orders the product belongs to


What happens when I scan the label?

When you scan the label with your phone, you are directed to Johanson's QR page. There, you will find useful information about your product. You will also gain access to care instructions, assembly guides, environmental certificates, and product tests.