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Meet Babylon, the latest new series from the Berlin-based design duo of Böttcher & Kayser. Following on from the success of their earlier designs, Shima Garden and Eden, the Babylon series helps to create oases of revitalising greenery in all sorts of indoor settings.

With Babylon, however, Böttcher & Kayser have taken things a step further in terms of the potential the design provides to furnish with plants and greenery. “We want to let indoor plants grow upwards to create an impact at different heights within a space. Bringing greenery indoors can improve air quality, increase a sense of well-being and create an atmosphere that helps to relieve stress. 



Babylon 105
Babylon 143
Babylon 181

Böttcher & Kayser

Böttcher & Kayser is a Berlin-based studio founded in 2007, working in the fields of consumer product, furniture, lighting and interior design.

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